Top 10 Time management mistakes

  1. Keeping too many things in your head.
    Solution: Write them down
  2. Doing whatever grabs your attention next
    Solution: Make a plan and then work your plan
  3. Not spending enough time on your top priorities
    Solution: Prioritization and Planning
  4. Doing very efficiently that which need not be done
    Solution: Stop doing it. Have a weekly plan
  5. Poor Planning
    Solution: Learn how to plan effectively, and do it consistently
  6. Working in a Disorganized and Distracting Work Environment
    Solution: Use a productivity system that helps you capture the context of all active projects.
  7. Attempting to do too much
    Solution: Overcome the worst practice of attempting too much
  8. Always saying “Yes”
    Solution: Consider each request carefully before accepting it
  9. Not managing your inflows
    Solution: Use a system that helps you capture & process each new item effectively
  10. Confusing “Activity” with “Productivity”
    Solution: Understand what you are truly trying to accomplish.

Bonus Mistake: Not taking enough time for recovery and renewal (so, find some places for relaxing)


Source: Effexis Software


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